C-level content writing project by Viktor Tachev for Owlin, Image by storyset on Freepik

Owlin – C-level content writing

All-around high-level content writing - whitepapers, blog articles, case studies, PR and interview pieces.

Owlin is the leading AI platform for third-party risk management and market intelligence. It helps banks, asset managers, pension funds, payment service providers, and insurance companies structure their news analysis processes and integrate risk and market insights that may affect their business into daily workflows.

Client: Owlin
Website: owlin.com
Services: Risk management and Market Intelligence Solution provider


Goals: Writing engaging and valuable content that appeals to the needs of C-level executives at banks, hedge funds, and investment companies

When we first got in touch, the Owlin team was at the stage of designing their content marketing processes. The goals that they were pursuing included:

  1. Raising awareness about the Owlin platform and its capabilities
  2. Establishing the brand as a thought leader in the field of market intelligence and risk management
  3. Strict targeting of C-level executives at banks, PSPs, hedge funds, asset managers and insurance companies

The content deliverables that Owlin’s management wanted us to pursue included high-level whitepapers, PR pieces, blog articles, monthly newsletters, interviews, and more.

I was tasked to handle the execution of all of them.

The Content Writing Process

Ongoing Collaboration With Some “Freedom to Write” on Top

For every content piece, I collaborated with the CEO, the Product Manager and the Marketing Manager of Owlin. Together we brainstormed on the briefs and I was then left to do my magic with little-to-no input from Owlin’s side.

The in-depth initial briefing, paired with my high-level understanding of the niche Owlin operates, as well as the needs and pain points of its existing and prospective clients, allowed us to embrace a seamless journey in creating a diverse array of content.


Content that not only sells, but sells in the right way

To meet Owlin’s multifaceted needs, I leaned on my expertise in financial communications and deep understanding of content creation and audience engagement.

I crafted tailored hundreds of pages of content for different platforms and purposes, including whitepapers that elucidated complex financial concepts with simplicity, compelling PR pieces that highlighted the client’s achievements, engaging SEO-optimized blog articles, entertaining monthly newsletters that kept customers informed, and in-depth interviews that shed light on the expertise within the client’s organization.

I made sure that the produced content wasn’t too aggressive or pushy. Just the opposite, the content I wrote shared several traits, including:

  • Insightful, at times academic-level analysis
  • Fact-based and research-backed insights
  • Precisely-targeted honest messaging
  • Unique blend between professional, yet personal communication

Overall, this journey is a testament to the power of customized, strategic content in enhancing visibility, reputation, and customer engagement for financial industry companies.

``I've worked extremely pleasantly and effectively with Viktor. He requires little input to quickly understand where you would like to take a good piece of content and is able to deliver accordingly.``

Sjoerd Leemhuis CEO, Owlin

``As a seasoned copywriter on a diversity of topics and markets, he has proven to come to a near-perfect combination of writing and researching skills, the ability to adopt one's message and tone of voice while always focusing on the most important thing, core messaging.``

Sebastiaan Keller Marketing Director, Owlin
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