Ledger Enterprise - blog articles and whitepaper writing, Image by Freepik

Ledger Enterprise – blog articles and whitepaper writing

Writing top- and bottom-of-funnel marketing collateral, including blog posts, case studies and a high-profile whitepaper.

Ledger Enterprise is the B2B arm of the world’s leading crypto security hardware provider. Since 2015, Ledger has been empowering millions of retail users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies and digital assets in a safe and convenient way. Naturally, Ledger Enterprise serves global leading brands, banks, custodians, and investment companies with a top-shelf custody platform solution, allowing them to grasp all opportunities of the Web3 world.

Client: Ledger Enterprise Solutions
Website: ledger.com
Services: Providing self-custody enterprise-level solutions


Goals: Help Ledger Enterprise’s marketing team establish the brand as the leading B2B crypto security solution provider

I was approached by Ledger Enterprise’s team a few months after the launch of the brand’s B2B extension. They needed a writer to help create high-performing SEO blog articles on various topics related to Ledger Enterprise’s core business.

After a few months of successful cooperation, the team delegated me the task of creating an extensive high-level whitepaper that was intended for LinkedIn campaigns targetting CEOs and CTOs of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. The project’s goal was to present Ledger Enterprise as the go-to self-custody solution for crypto-native organizations.


Diving into the depths of digital asset security technology

The main challenge for the project was to communicate Ledger’s reputation of an established leader in the field of crypto security, but on an enterprise level.

Doing this required diving into the depths of digital asset technology. Since the majority of the marketing collateral was targeted at CEOs and CTOs of cryptocurrency exchanges, asset managers and custodians, I had to find a way to blend the highly-technical terminology (e.g., how Ledger’s solutions work) with the business benefits (e.g., the quantifiable impact of adopting Ledger’s solution).

In the process of doing that, I was in continuous communication with professionals from various departments at Ledger Enterprise, including marketing specialists, customer acquisition experts, the VP of Sales and Partnerships, and more.


Top- and bottom-of-funnel marketing collateral, including blog posts, case studies and a high-profile whitepaper

My involvement in the project resulted in the production of various marketing collateral, including:

  • Blog articles for SEO on the topics of cryptocurrency regulations, digital asset industry institutionalization, hot and cold wallets, NFTs, multi-party computation solutions, hardware security modules, and more;
  • Case studies & customer success stories, regarding Ledger Enterprise’s successful collaboration with various stakeholders from the cryptocurrency niche like the global-leading crypto exchange Bitstamp and more;
  • Top-of-funnel technical whitepaper – a 12-page high-level technical piece highlighting the pros of trusting Ledger Enterprise as the preferred self-custody solution provider, intended for a direct LinkedIn marketing campaign.

``Viktor is professional, flexible and has true writing and research skills.``

Alexandre Nin B2B Marketing Specialist, Ledger Enterprise