Website copywriting project by Viktor Tachev For FDHIC, Image by pch.vector on Freepik

FDHIC – website copywriting

Copywriting for a new website.

Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company is Africa’s leading healthcare and wellness sector investment firm. It is also the investment arm of Flying Doctors Nigeria Рthe first and leading air ambulance service provider in Africa. As strange as it may sound, the organization does more than saving lives. It invests in the ecosystem in Nigeria and the region in a bid to defeat inequality, improve healthcare, and back young entrepreneurs on their route to changing the status quo. The company was founded in 2019 by Dr. Ola Brown, a renowned figure and key contributor in many aspects of the development and improvement of healthcare services all across Africa.

Services: Investments in the healthcare and wellness niche


Goals: Raise awareness and promote Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company’s activity around the world

Africa has many problems – from corruption and underdeveloped infrastructure to the lack of proper education and healthcare for all of its population. Dr. Brown, the founder of the Flying Doctors Group, is among the most prominent figures on the continent. While other entrepreneurs are driven by capitalistic forces, she focuses on solving Africa’s problems through her companies.

The goal of the project was to create a compelling copy that represents what the FDHIC stands for, what Dr. Brown fights for, and what are their results. The reality was that the niche was quite unique, not only for the region but on a global scale. There aren’t many cases where a single group of organizations tries to completely transform a whole continent by handling so complex problems at once.

However, what Dr. Brown and her team managed to achieve throughout the years was astonishing, and it deserved to reach as many people as possible through FDHIC’s new website.


Prioritize the abundance of exciting information and appeal to the interests of different target groups

The first main challenge was the fact that for a decade of active work, the FDHIC has achieved plenty of amazing results. There was so much to be said about the organization and its activity that extracting the key accents was a pretty challenging task.

Another challenge was the target groups that the site’s copy needed to appeal at and their diversified interests. The FDHIC’s site was targeting two main groups:

  1. Investors and decision-makers
  2. Young Africans and entrepreneurs from around the world

This meant I had to deliver website copy in a way that ensures it will attract the interest of both target groups, while also keeping it straight to the point.


Brainstorm. Strategize. Write.

After a series of talks with Dr. Brown about the key accents in the FDHIC, as well as her vision of the project, I had everything needed to start planning the format of the copy.

I decided to choose the AIDA principle for website copywriting, but to also tailor it a bit to better fit the needs of the project. This meant I should have made sure that the web copy meets the following criterion:

  • (A)ttention. The first thing the copy should be doing is to grab the attention of the visitor right from the first few seconds of his interaction with the website;
  • (I)nterest. The next thing was to get in detail and tell the reader more about the FDHIC, what they do, and why it is so important;
  • (D)esired state. Telling the story entrepreneurs and investors want to hear through the values of the FDHIC.
  • (A)ction. In this case, the action we were aiming for wasn’t a sale. Just the opposite – we wanted to spark the enthusiasm of the visitor to learn more and educate himself about Africa’s problems and how they can be solved;

The truth is writing copy to sell a product is easy. Writing copy to sell an idea is way more challenging.

In this case, I decided to shape the copy in a way that triggers the reader and forces him to take action – be it to get in touch with FDHIC or just to read more about Africa. I figured out the best way to do that is by telling the truth. Stating facts, listing figures – there is no better way to appeal to a reader than to be honest with him.

And that is exactly what I did. I listed some of Africa’s most prominent problems and disturbing statistics to further highlight why FDHIC’s mission is so important and worth knowing about.


A copy that tells a story

What was most important for FDHIC was for its visitors to have a quick and insightful information about their organization. With decision makers and entrepreneurs as their core target audience, it was clear these were people that value their time and I couldn’t afford to lose it.

I decided to shape the copy by answering the most important questions:

  • Who we are?
  • What we do?
  • How we do it?
  • Why we do it?
  • The problems we are determined to solve
  • What we’ve done so far
  • Milestones completed

The section about the problems that FDHIC was determined to solve was, in fact, the core tool that was helping us trigger the audience and raise awareness about Africa’s problems.