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Founded in 2018, BitFinding was one of the first companies to offer automated cryptocurrency index fund investments. For just a few years, the platform evolved from a propriety tool, employing big data analytics and machine learning algorithms, to a full-range system, allowing the general public to invest in a new hybrid asset class. BitFinding allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals to invest in specially designed cryptocurrency index funds using tested strategies and algorithms.

Services: Cryptocurrency Index Funds Investment Platform


Goals: Brand awareness, increase in website traffic, and showing expertise in the client’s field of operation

As a rising start-up in the hottest industry at the time, BitFinding wanted to establish itself as a reliable provider of a new and not so popular service. They wanted to raise awareness as quickly as possible so that they can establish themselves on the market before the niche got overcrowded.

When BitFinding’s CEO, Sebastian Fernandez, came to me, he had already realized the importance of content marketing and the potential it had to help them fulfil their vision and embrace on the path they wanted to follow. However, his team lacked the details and the content roadmap – what steps they had to take to get where they wanted to be.

The client’s brief was simple – they wanted to convince the audience in their expertise and earn the potential investors’ trust. When we first got in touch, the BitFinding’s team had already come up with some ideas in mind. However, they wanted to consult me about the best ways to implement, and if possible, improve them.

The best thing with this project was that Sebastian was completely aware of the competitiveness of the industry his start-up operated in and realized that there was a lot of work in front of us if we wanted to achieve the initial goals.


Entering the most contradictory niche in the most difficult times

We were making our first steps in the most sensitive moment, right after the Bitcoin’s crash in the start of 2018. After its meteoric rise at the end of 2017, the majority of investors and cryotocurrency believers were with their rose-tinted glasses on, thinking that the only direction that the market can follow is upward. Unsurprisingly, they were disapointed and lost tons of money.

There can’t be any better timing to enter the market and convince investors that your crypto-based investible product is worth it, right? However, although this was a major obstacle to overcome, I also spotted an opportunity. The crypto index funds niche was still in its infancy and we had the chance to set the standards there. It was like having a blank piece of paper and the freedom to write whatever you want.

So, after I analyzed the situation, I came to the conclusion that there were two things worth considering:

  1. The majority of our target audience had just got a harsh reality check and we should have been more careful;
  2. We were able to start from scratch and, with the right approach, we had the potential to define the future standard in the niche;


Research. Explain. Prove.

I defined a plan to start with a series of materials intended to showcase the know-how of BitFinding’s team, while at the same time tackling particular market pain points. Due to the nature of the client’s product – a crypto index fund, I decided to employ a multi-dimensional approach to appeal to the audience’s recent experience and common understanding of the investment process.

I decided to describe the product as something that takes the best of both worlds – the transparent and proven history of index funds, and the huge profit potential of cryptocurrencies. The result – a hybrid asset class that won’t wipe investors’ portfolios in case of market downturns, while at the same time guarantee better returns than traditional index funds. That way, investors took advantage of two completely different asset classes, complementing each other to minimze their deficiencies.

However, after the first series of materials was published, I was aware that I should get more technical, so that my client could reach the more sophisticated investors and professional traders. We needed data and metrics. I asked the BitFinding team to derive historical data from their platform, so that I can run backtests to prove the superiority of their product when compared to Bitcoin-only portfolio. By writing and executing a backtesting script in R, I managed to compare the Sharpe ratios of both investment opportunities, proving that the crypto index fund overcame the Bitcoin-only portfolio by achieving up to 60% better returns, while maintaining a lower or similar risk.

All the delivered articles and reports were backed by statistical information, scientific arguments, and quantified proofs.


High-quality data-backed reports

The adopted approach allowed me to help BitFinding set the standards in the niche of crypto index funds by relying on transparent, valuable, and data-backed information. This helped the company distinguish itself from the market participants, promising exorbitant returns, thus earning the trust of the majority of the market.

Sebastian, BitFinding’s CEO, shares that the delivered content appears to be engaging to his audience. He also revealed that the reports drove a “good amount of people from the blog posts to the landing page.” With that said, the initial goal set in front of us, is achieved. However, to date, we continue our productive cooperation in a bid to make the cryptocurrency niche a better place!

Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction from the delivered work 100%
Possibility of further cooperation on future projects 100%
Likelihood of reccomending the writing service to other companies 100%

``Viktor is a skilled financial writer. It's a pleasure working with him because the transition from the idea to the resulting piece is smooth but proffesional. Our favourite things about his work is the feedback loop that he creates to make sure that we are satisfied with the result.``

Sebastian Fernandez CEO, BitFinding