SEO Writing

Would you trust a doctor for whom you can’t find anything on Google?

We both know the answer. And so does your target audience.

But simply being online isn’t enough. Just like with the golden rule of real estate (“location, location, location”), what matters is your position.

First-page or ghost-town: the importance of SEO writing

Think of Google as the expansive, bustling city of New York. With towering skyscrapers, busy shopping areas, sprawling parks, quaint neighborhoods, and deserted outskirts, it is a mirror reflection of the internet – vast and diverse.

Ranking within the top positions on the first page of Google’s search results is like having your business located in Times Square – the most vibrant and crowded area in New York. These are prime locations where foot traffic is highest, and millions of eyes are on the gigantic billboards and flashy storefronts. People from all over the world flock here. Businesses thrive, flourish, and fight tooth and nail for a chance to be seen in these coveted spots. In the digital world, this represents high visibility, substantial organic traffic, and significantly increased conversions.

On the contrary, everything after the second page is like a derelict neighborhood on the city’s outskirts, where foot traffic is sparse, visibility is poor, and only the most determined or lost explorers stumble upon. These are the forgotten alleyways and abandoned buildings that most city dwellers and tourists never visit. In the digital landscape, this equates to low visibility, minimal traffic, and a reduced chance of attracting potential customers.

Let’s talk numbers.

The first result attracts nearly 30% of the users. The first page, as a whole, captures up to 92% of the traffic. For reference, the second page gets just 6%.

The bottom line – your website should be within page one’s top positions.

SEO writing – your pass to the “Times Square”

This is where SEO steps in to guide you through the crowded city, past the less desirable neighborhoods, and help you establish your presence in the prime locations.


The first step is creating a strong, smart, and strategic SEO plan to light the way for your journey towards first-page ranking.

Next is its execution. While SEO writers are everywhere, few are those who manage to strike that much-needed balance of writing in a way to appease the search engines while at the same time engaging the audience through human-centred content that highlights your brand’s differentials. Alternatively, creating content that both – stands out in the eyes of your target audience and in the parameters of Google’s search algorithms.

The last step is patience. Think of SEO writing as gardening. It is a process that requires significant initial and ongoing efforts. For example, first, you have to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water them continuously and wait for the plants to grow. You don’t expect instant results because you know that nurturing growth takes time. SEO is similar; it’s an organic process. You plant keywords in your content, nurture them with quality writing, and over time, you see the fruits of your labor as your page rankings improve. Just as gardeners must understand the needs of different plants, SEO writers need to understand the unique demands of different keywords and how best to cultivate them to maximize results.

Making it to the first page is step one. Remaining there is the key.

The internet is a vast place with billions of users searching for information. There is ever-increasing competition in the digital world to satisfy that demand. That is why making it to the first page means nothing if you don’t continue to back your gains in the long term. Without playing the long game, you are guaranteed one thing – you will quickly fail back to obscurity.

Due to the growingly-fierce competition, the success of SEO writing projects nowadays is threatened by what I call “digital inflation.” Alternatively, the same amount of effort today will guarantee you fewer results tomorrow. Hedging against this requires a perfect mix of keywords, quality content, and optimization techniques.

Where to find it? Pack your bags for a trip to Times Square, and I will show you.