Copywriting for web. aims to change the fact that bus rental services are one of the most non-transparent businesses. The company wanted to establish itself as a leader in the field, providing high-end coach hire service to clients all across Europe. offers not only individual travel options, but also group and corporate bus hire services.

Services: Travel industry


Goals: More website traffic & increase in sales came to me with a ready-made strategy on how to proceed. They were aware of what they wanted to achieve and what was the best possible way to do it. All they needed was proper execution.

What they wanted was to increase their website traffic organically, by focusing on content development. However, the good thing about the project was that the client did not only wanted traffic increase for the sake of it. They were striving to provide real value to their visitors by focusing on the creation of engaging and meaningful pieces of content. have come up with the great idea that for a company providing a high-end bus hire service, they needed to go that extra mile and take care of their customers even after the conversion. The best way to do that was by providing website visitors with interesting and useful information about the cities they are travelling to in the form of short guides (600 – 700 words).

Prior to starting, I was provided with an example structure with the contents that each article should include. However, I was also granted the freedom to write the way I believed would make the material more engaging and valuable, as well as reach the perfect state of the final piece.


Lack of industry expertise and finding a way to target diversified audience in a short piece

I believe that the success of a project is based on expertise and engaging storytelling.’s project appeared challenging at first due to the fact that my main expertise wasn’t related to this specific field. However, I am confident that more efforts and hours spent in detailed research are capable of compensating for the lack of in-depth knowledge.

Another main challenge of this project was the diversity of the audience that we were targeting. And this diversity was not only built on age specifics or interests, but also on the origin and travelling preferences. The crucial part here was finding a way to make the pieces engaging for various kinds of potential clients – from lone-travellers, couples, friends and family groups, through tourists at all ages and from all across the world, to such with various interests – history-lovers, sport-enthusiasts, shopping-maniacs and so on and so forth.

I’ve managed to overcome the challenge of providing value for a diversified audience by focusing on the most important topics that each target group would consider before booking their tickets to visit a particular destination – landmarks, cost of living in the city, transportation, popular restaurants and venues, etc. That way, I made sure to appeal to their self-interests and influence positively their drivers for conversion. By condensing valuable information in a short number of words, I managed to cover all the important points, relevant to the interests of the different types of readers.


Research, research & research

I tackled each piece by following an identical strategy based on spending significant time to gather important and insightful information about the particular city I was writing for. I used all types of verified sources – from the Wikipedia and the city’s official website, through tourist bureaus’ pages and travellers’ blogs, to tourist publications and forums. All that allowed me to collect a rich informational mix that would, later on, help me cover the piece from a variety of angles, thus providing value to all the users’ profiles that we were targeting.

When shaping each piece, I followed best SEO practices, in order to ensure that the client will extract maximum value from each article – not only due to the included information and its importance for the reader but also for the good search performance of each text.

I took advantage of the granted freedom and often went that extra mile to exceed the words limit when necessary. Thus I was able to paint a complete picture of the particular destination by blending different viewpoints on the city’s pros and cons. And by throwing some useful tips and tricks here and there, in the end, I was able to reach the perfect state of the material.


46 landing pages with useful information for cities across the UK

The landing pages were delivered according to the client’s initial requirements and in adherence with SEO best practices.

The client’s feedback was very positive, which opened doors for potential further cooperation on projects, part of the company’s progressive and inspiring content strategy.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction from the delivered work 100%
Possibility of further cooperation on future projects 100%
Likelihood of reccomending the writing service to other companies 100%

``The result of Viktor's work gave us more traffic on our site and better SEO position on Google.``

Gautam Sharma - testimonial
Gautam Sharma Head of Marketing and Internal IT,

“The project that was handed to Viktor was content writing for several landing pages on our website. Throughout the whole process, Viktor was great at communicating and responded quickly to messages from us.”

Gautam Sharma - testimonial
Gautam Sharma Head of Marketing and Internal IT,