Who we are?

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company is Africa’s leading healthcare and wellness sector investment firm. The company was founded in 2019 by Dr. Ola Brown, a renowned figure and key contributor in many aspects of the development and improvement of healthcare services all across Africa.

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company was founded with the goal of bringing together the investment and operational activities that Dr. Brown and her team had been conducting within the health and wellness space over the past decade.

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What we do?

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Group invests in a variety of fields and runs different projects, related to:

  • Hospital and clinics construction and refurbishment;
  • Healthcare facilities management and operation;
  • Diagnostics and equipment;
  • Air ambulance services;
  • Logistics and drone deliveries;
  • Pharmaceutical retail services;
  • Electronic medical records and telemedicine;
  • Consulting, training, and technology advisory;
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How we do it?

We promote entrepreneurship and proactiveness not only by offering financial support, but also by providing our portfolio companies with a universe of business opportunities, consultations and mentorship, networking opportunities, and more. We empower those willing to make their mark not only within Africa but also on a global scale.

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company conducts its operations through its operating (Opco) and investment (Investco) arms.


The operational arm of the company houses several ventures, responsible for the successful execution of some of our key projects and initiatives.

• The Flying Doctors Nigeria company, responsible for air ambulance, medical drone delivery, and equipment supply;

• A hospital construction company ;

• A consulting arm.


Under the umbrella of the investment arm of the Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company are several ventures, including:

• Lifestores, responsible for the retail pharmacy operations;

• Helium Healthcare, dealing with electronic medical records and telemedicine services;

• Mdass, focused on medical diagnostics;

• Chisco Express with logistics as its primary activity.

Why we do it?

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company was born out of the urgent necessity to help Africans get the healthcare services they deserve. We are united by our vision – to help African companies revolutionize the healthcare and wellness industries, not just on the continent, but all over the world.

Our vision is based on three main pillars.

  1. Business as a force of good – we believe that the best way to erase poverty is through the power of markets. The fourth industrial revolution is already here and, although left behind for now, Africa has the chance to catch up and claim the place it deserves on the global map.
  2. Financially successful, impactful, and profitable – we want to prove that socially-responsible businesses and investment returns aren’t mutually exclusive. Making profits while making a change is the foundation we should build Africa’s future upon.
  3. Ideas and talents are universal, but opportunities are not – Africa’s problems are also a source of unmatched opportunities. We get behind visionary entrepreneurs, who are aiming to change the healthcare and wellness landscape.

The problems we are determined to solve

Through our activities and drive for change, we are committed to helping improve some of the worrying statistics, that our continent ranks on top for:

  • Infant mortality rate – 44.2 per 1 000 live births
  • Life expectancy at birth – 63.1 years
  • Maternal mortality ratio – 413 per 100 000 live births
  • Under-five mortality rate – 61.6 per 1 000 live births
  • Births attended by skilled health personnel – 68.6%
  • Mortality from non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, or chronic respiratory disease) – 20.1%
  • Density of physicians – 3.42 per 10 000 population
  • Density of nurses – 12.06 per 10 000 population
  • Density of pharmaceutical staff – 0.84 per 10 000 population
  • Government health expenditure as % GDP – 2.02%

Average for the continent, as per data by the africanhealthstats.org, a site managed by the African Union’s Department of Social Affairs

What we've done so far?

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company’s portfolio valuation is estimated at over $70m.

We are backing not only game-changing companies but also high-profit potential ventures. The constituents feature innovators and niche-leaders, including:

Milestones completed

Through collaborated efforts with mentors, partners, friends, and team members, for our relatively young age, we have managed to achieve some key milestones.

May, 2010
A feasibility study was conducted by Dr. Ola Brown, who has just relocated to Nigeria for the business.
Lagos, Nigeria
March, 2011
Completed all company registration processes and conducted our first fixed rotary wing medical evacuation.
Lagos, Nigeria
April, 2012
Welcomed two new board members - Dr. Leke Pitana and Capt. Kiddie Dare. Together, we started operating our first two clinics.
Lagos, Nigeria
June, 2013
Kick-started our healthcare consulting line of the business.
Lagos, Nigeria
March, 2014
Began our offshore medical evaluation business.
Lagos, Nigeria
August, 2015
Launched our new initiative, Emergency Transport Unit (ETU), which ensures the opportunity for more patients to access medical air transfer at a cost-efficient rate.
Lagos, Nigeria
May, 2016
Launched the sale of our medical cover plan - a form of health insurance that guarantees subscribers access to air ambulance transfers and hospitalization in the event of a medical emergency.
Lagos, Nigeria
July, 2017
Acquired one of our priced equipment, Baby pods, which is used for the safe evacuation of pre-term babies.
Lagos, Nigeria
August, 2019
Awarded International Assistance Group (AIG) accreditation. Invested in Pharmaceutical & Diagnostic centers.
Lagos, Nigeria
April, 2020
Launched our healthcare construction line and brought together all activities under the Flying Doctors Investment Group umbrella.
Lagos, Nigeria